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What should your poop look like?

If you are a feeling delicate or uncomfortable reading about poo, please don't worry, you are not the only person who poops.

I have it on good authority that every single person on the planet is doing it. ⁠

I remember my gran used to ask us what our "movements" looked like when we were unwell and I thought it was such a bizarre thing to ask and now I understand why.⁠

Your poos are one of the indicators of your nutrition and health so the next time you number 2 have a peek and take mental note of what is going on there.⁠

So according to the "Bristol Stool Chart", which is the universal chart to categorise poos, there are 7 types. ⁠

Types of poos

Type 1: is like separate hard nut like lumps (think buck or rabbit poos) and difficult to pass.⁠

Type 2: is sausage shape but lumpy and also hard to pass.⁠

Type 3: is sausage shape with cracks on the surface and easier to pass.⁠

Type 4: Is still sausage shape but smooth and easy to pass.⁠

Type 5: Soft blobs with soft edges and very easy to pass.⁠

Type 6: Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a bit mushy and very easy to pass.⁠

Type 7: Watery, no solid pieces and entirely liquid.⁠

So what does this all mean?⁠

If you are experiencing a type fairly consistently that may be giving you clues about your health.⁠

Type 1-2 may indicate that you are constipated.

This could be due to lack of fiber, lack of hydration, lack of movement, medication, stress, food intolerance and more. If this is chronic speak to a professional.⁠

Type 3-4 are the ideal poos. These may indicate that your digestion is working adequately.⁠

Type 5- 7 may indicate that you have diarrhea or urgency. This may be due to bacteria imbalance, food intolerance, stress and more. If this is chronic speak to a professional.⁠

Regular Bowel Movements

Regular bowel movements are key to physical (and emotional) wellness. ⁠

Being regular means motions are easily passed and this happens anywhere from 1–3 times a day or every other day.⁠

If anyone is concerned about their own digestion drop me a message so we can flush your concerns away.⁠

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