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How to cheat on your meal with a smoothie and not get caught.⁠

If you opt for a smoothie instead of a meal, it would be a good idea to make sure it is a balanced smoothie so that your body doesn't notice and catch you cheating. ⁠

Having a liquid meal may be beneficial in that our teeth can't compete with a blender so we may get more nutrients from some foods and also give our digestive system a little break.⁠

Here is a method to create a more balanced smoothie as a meal replacement. ⁠Up the portions if you are male or very active.

1. Include a portion of protein ⁠

Protein is helpful to set you up for the day with sustainable energy. If you don't want to add protein powder, consider nuts or seeds. ⁠

Portion examples: 1 portion vegan protein powder or 1 portion hydrolyzed collagen or 2 Tbsp. nuts.⁠

2. Go wild with greens/ non-starchy veggies ⁠

This is the key to transforming your health. Have more than the recommended serving if you can handle it⁠

Portion examples: 1 cup raw spinach, ½ cup cucumber, ½ cup courgette/ marrow, ½ cup fennel or 1 cup bok choy, ½ cup frozen cooked cauliflower.⁠

3. Herbs herbs herbs.⁠

Herbs are one of the most underrated ways of transforming your wellness. ⁠

Examples: 1 small bunch coriander, mint, basil or any fresh herb of choice.⁠

4. Have one or two portions of healthy fat depending on how active you are.⁠

Healthy fat is vital for wellness, blood sugar, hormonal balance, adrenal health, energy and weight-loss. ⁠

Portion examples: ¼ avocado, 1 Tbsp. seeds, 2 Tbsp. nuts.⁠

5. Moderate healthy carbohydrates/ fruit ⁠

We often centre a smoothie around fruit and while fruit is loaded with health benefits it can quickly stack up to a lot of sugar as well. ⁠

Studies show that having a low sugar breakfast may be beneficial to overall health and energy levels throughout the day.⁠

Portion examples: ¼ cup raw oats and or ½ cup fruit. Berries and citrus fruits are a good choice.⁠

From there you could consider key nutrients or super food powders depending on your health requirements.⁠

Is that helpful?⁠

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